EK Villain Review


EK Villain’ is an Indian romantic thriller movie directed by Mohit Suri, starring Sidharth Malhotra as
Guru, Sharadha Kapoor as Ayesha, and Ritesh Deshmukh as Rakesh. The story revolves around a criminal
and his full of spirit but terminally ill wife who is murdered by a serial killer, who after killing young
women goes back to his home and spends the usual day with his wife Amina Shareef and young son,
without even a spec of remorse.

Ayesha is suffering from a chronic disease with no hope of survival, she has a diary with little wishes
written on them, Guru helped her to fulfil all those wishes and doing so he fell in love and marries her.

Guru saved her from the disease but later on she was murdered by Ritiesh, he does not know that the
woman he murdered is actually the wife of a mad criminal who shall now avenge his wife, his love, at all

Ritiesh Deshmukh as a serial killer is actually a frustrated husband, who goes about killing other women
because he hates all the females for all the pain inflicted upon him by his own wife. He cannot do
anything about his wife since he loves her after all her sadistic inflictions, so he used to murder al other
women who even say a word to him.

Further story revolves around how guru tracks the killer while he was assaulting some other victim, he
beats him brutally, admit him in the hospital and pays the expenses but did not let him die. After finding
about the pregnancy of his late wife guru sets himself on fire even more.

Ritesh went to his friend to find out Guru’s identity, doing so he taunts him over the phone by killing
Ayesha’s father and then he surrender himself to Guru just to be the hero in his wife and everyone’s
sight, but Ceaser steps in (Another old criminal who brought Guru up) He calls Guru at that moment and
says that he has killed Rakesh’s wife and asks Guru to finish off his son. Enraged, Rakesh injures Guru
and is about to kill him when he is run over by a car and dies on the spot. Guru later adopts Rakesh’s son
instead of killing him.

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